Backstage NYFW: Assembly New York


Back in September, half way through fashion week, I had given up the accumulated dreams of attending fashion week. I had emailed PR representatives, labels and publications for weeks and hardly received a response. “Maybe next time”, I thought. At first, it really bothered me, it was too late, there was nothing I could do. 

I was fresh out of college, living in New Hampshire with my parents at the time and struggling to find a job. I had just recently been dumped, and my own motivation to “prove myself” knew no bounds. 

I was in the middle of dinner in my parent’s screen porch, and I felt calm- I had finally accepted that it wasn’t going to happen this round, but it was okay. 


Did I mention the porch doesn’t have Wifi? 

The second I walked back inside the house to wash the dishes, my emails updated. 

And there it was, my golden ticket- a seven word email. 

“please send Julia invites to all shows”. 

The next morning I was on the earliest bus to New York City, then I received my official invites. 

Here are a few of the images from my first ever fashion show: Assembly New York


Thank you to mode pr for this amazing opportunity.